What is it ?

PolyNet NG PolyNet is a programmable icon bar able to display Gif anims, Amiga icons and also PNG icons (like MorphOS ones). PolyNet_NG is written in C and is main available for MorphOS. The 68k version (AmigaOS 3.5+) was stopped at version 1.31. There are not yet full documentation because lack of time and competence in this field.


Read the change log for know the improvements.

Shareware or not shareware...

Since november 2006, PolyNet is no more a shareware. I have not more time to maintain the data relating to the recordings. Moreover I noted that some recorded did not provide me uptodate email address.

PolyNet NG is now a Donationware.


  • MorphOS 1.4.x ou newer
  • TTEngine library (supplied with MosphOS 2.x)
  • MUI4 Beta for MorphOS 1.4.x


Common archive: Datas

MorphOS version: v1.47 (03/13/2009) 225kb

Old last 68k version: v1.31 68k (No new version to come)

Preview of the user interface

Screen grab of a complex exemple Suggestion of presentation :) (too much violet-purple color... sorry this is old)

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