Hello and welcome to the Polymere page.
After 13 years without active development of my applications on Amiga, but still having a functional MorphOS machine to me, I finally go back to development.
With the end of MSN, don’t wait for PolyGlot update... it’s dead. I looked for a portal, but I quickly abandoned the idea.
As for PolyNet, I may update it by recompiling it, but I don’t have a plan yet. It’s a big PolyOrga update coming :) After a lot of debugging work from a member of the MorphOS Team, I started coding again to correct regressions and fix bugs and improvements.


  • PolyOrga version 1.25 (05/11/2023)
  • Liens

  • AmigaImpact: French news website about all Amiga systems
  • Meta Morphos: Portal dedicated to MorphOS users