What is it ?

PolyGlot (obsolete) :( was a chat client for MSN Network for MorphOS.


Read the change log for know the improvements.


  • MSNP11 protocol (not complete)
  • Group chat
  • Customizable smileys
  • Multi-logon, you can start different session of PolyGlot and login on multiple account
  • OpenURL library for link in chat (click the icon near the address)


PolyGlot 0.65 MorphOS 05/20/2010 3.3Mb

Becarefull, a new image was added: "icons/status_icons/8.info", think to add it when you make an update.

Preview of the user interface

Login window Contacts window Select Smileys window Single chat window Group chat window Smiley settings Accounts settings Notifications settings MSN network lists & adjusts

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