Version FrançaiseDrapeau français          Also available PolyNet NG and PolyGlot (MSN).
PolyOrganiser is a general-purpose tool to manage events, contacts and tasks.
This application is MorphOS only for the moment. For 68k users, I recommend "Digita Organiser" that is more 68k friendly.

- Full PPC
- Full MUI Object Oriented
- Full Localized
- Intuitive layout "like" true paper Organiser
- Links between all kind of object, an event can refer to a contact for call it.
- OpenURL support for Directory
- The icon on the desktop (appicon) now show the date :)
- New: German catalog by Otti.
Appicon Appicon2

Preview of the interface:
About PolyOrganiser  The calendar The Diary 

The Directory The tasks Search and settings windows

This application is Donationware,
you can send me how much you want or send me a gift
(ask me before, 12 oysters is not a good gift ;).
You can send me money with paypal. Email me for my postal address.

PolyOrganiser 1.07 MorphOS 551kb
Changes log.

Link to the download page of the ttengine.library needed by PolyOraniser.

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Updated on january 1st, 2007